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USBy … the Smart Device

USBy is an innovative device that allows you to:

    - (USBy v1) Control the remote switching on and off of the devices (5V / 12V) connected to it
    - (USBy v3) Receive alerts in case of power failure and restoration without the need for GSM cards and without UPS

                                            USBy v1                                                     Select the device of your interest                                             USBy v3

Call-Me Service

Offer created to leave on vacation THOUGHTLESS

ACTIVATE the CALL-ME Service and you will receive a telephone call from our Operations Center in the event of a power failure alarm


The cost of the CALL-ME Service is € 18 per year 

                                                CALL-ME Service information


Main features:

  • Use of High Definition video cameras
  • Real-time audio and video via smartphone, tablet, PC
  • Recording of images and videos to iCloud using highly secure servers
  • Intrusion alert via email (with attached photos) and phone call without SIM or GSM switch
  • Cameras configurable in both ALARM and REC (recording) modes
  • Viewing recorded images
  • Ability to download and save recorded images
  • Possibility of turning on / off the camera remotely through a WiFi electronic switch
  • Simple and intuitive management
  • Masonry works and laying of network cables are not necessary. A 220V socket and WiFi coverage are sufficient

  • Services included:

  • Cameras and Modem / Router configuration
  • Assistance at first start-up
  • Assistance in using the system
  • Dedicated access via the Internet
  • Protected iCloud storage of images
  • Warnings and Alerts via e-mail and telephone
  • User manual
  • Help on-line

    For more information, please call the number +39 06-94804820 or write to the e-mail address info@controllocasa.it

    "your Controllocasa Team"



    Control of your house, condominium and office in real time


    Protection of your loved once and 4-legged friends


    Email with attached photos and Phone Call (without GSM Cards)


    Data storage up to 1 week on encrypted iCloud

    Network Coverage

    Mobile solution in case of lack of WiFi network coverage


    Our team provides continuous support

    Protect your Condominium with the Fukurò System

    ControlloCasa puts at your disposal its professionalism and experience in the installation of Video Surveillance Systems for Condominiums.

    100% of the tenders announced through Condominium Assemblies were won by the ControlloCasa Team thanks to their advanced technical solutions, reduced installation times, low costs, professionalism and ... friendliness.

    In order to guarantee the safety of your properties, ControlloCasa offers both the possibility of buying and renting the latest generation Fukurò Video Surveillance System and the Installation and Maintenance Service included..

    The standard Fukurò ControlloCasa System is mainly composed of:
  • Three (3) wireless cameras with High Definition vision including infrared night vision (with IP66 certification against water and atmospheric agents for external cameras)
  • 4G router for the creation of the WiFi network and connection to the Internet (the SIM will be in the name and at the expense of the Condominium or can be provided by the ControlloCasa upon request)
  • UPS system that guarantees the correct operation of the Video Surveillance System for up to 3 hours in the event of a power failure
  • Images recorded with Secure Cloud technology will be archived for a period of 72 hours. Optionally, the storage period can be extended up to a maximum of 7 days.

    Only the Administrator or his delegate will have access to the system for viewing the recorded images. Access to the system can also be requested from ControlloCasa (upon your delegation) for image acquisition in the event of a break-in.


    The Fukurò ControlloCasa System does not require any masonry work and is fully expandable for any new needs without significant impact on the existing system.

     For inspections and / or estimates, call the number 06-94804820 or send an e-mail to info@controllocasa.it