USBy v3 … the device that alerts you when there is a power failure

USBy  is an innovative device patented to notify you when the electricity supply fails.
USBy it also warns you when the power supply is restored, reporting the total black-out time.
The alert emails arrive directly on your mobile phone, managed by our Cloud Server (optionally also via telephone call). So even if your WiFi router turns off due to a power failure, the reception of alarms is guaranteed.

USBy allows you a great saving compared to traditional solutions, because  It does NOT need any GSM SIM card or an uninterruptible power supply to work. 

Useful device to be notified in case of 220V failure for: 
– fridge-freezers: you know exactly how long food has been without cooling
– medical devices: you know how long the device has not been powered
– attempted theft: it informs you if they cut the power to disable alarms or video surveillance systems
– aquariums: you know immediately when and for how long the water circulation has stopped

It is simple to use. Works with WiFi.
Just connect it to a USB power supply, configure it to connect to your WiFi network and it’s ready to use.

In case of need, it is possible to request a telephone call from our Operations Center in the event of a power failure (Paid option that can be activated after purchasing the device) “

USBy … Innovative, Reliable, Made in Italy.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions 58mm x 23mm x 22mm
  • Operating temperature : -25°C ; 100°C
  • 5V power supply with USB charger (Not supplied)
  • Requires WiFi network
  • Produced in Italy
  • Assistance and warranty provided directly by the Manufacturer ControlCasa Srl

User Manual



  • 40,90 Euro (including shipping in Europe)

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