Customer reviews

G. Harris

Excellent Solution. Great if Phone App could be added.
We needed to monitor and be alerted to any power outages or significant temperature changes when away from home. This device does both really well and at minimal cost. Dashboard interface is via PC, would be even better if Phone App was available.

S. Prevett

MSmart device, easy to set up, perfect!
We suffer regular power trips at home often while away, leaving us to find soggy freezer contents on return. It took me 20 mins to get it up and running with very easy to follow instructions, and it fits easily into the USB socket on the rear of our Wi-Fi router. After setting up I pulled it out of the socket to simulate a power outage and within a few minutes received email telling me power had been lost. On plugging back in I then received immediate 2nd email telling me power was restored. Simple and effective!


What fantastic service!
Bought one of these last week and had trouble trying to install it. Emailed the company Sunday evening and had immediate response. Arranged to set up next day and then had the most amazing service from Rome. Guy had impeccable English, great patience with as I am clueless at all things technical, and brilliant knowledge both around the product and the installation in my home, I cannot speak highly enough of the back up that they gave me; it was amazing. and, what's more , it works! I switched off the power and with 4 minutes I had the email telling me we had lost power. Likewise when I switched it back on again. The whole package is just brilliant! Thanks to Max and the whole Controlla set up!

Captain America

Works a treat
This great little value for money device fits easily through the letter box. I bought it to alert me when power is lost to my fridge/freezer whilst I'm away from home. Following the online instructions, it took just 10 minutes to set the device up. Instructions are easy to understand and are supported by screen shots. My device is plugged into a power socket as I don't have a USB socket on my router. Having registered the device, I switched the socket off, and within seconds, I received an email stating power had been lost. Switching the socket on, I received an email to say power had been reestablished. There is no charge for receipt of emails.


Great Product!
This device really does what it’s designed to do. Plug it into your usb slot to power up, register the device on the vendors website and connect to the Wi-Fi service, provide your contact email for notifications and that’s it. If you require support, the company are there to assist you via WhatsApp chat or call. Will be looking to see what other products they might have that we can utilise.

Mike H.

When the power fails, the WiFi has to continue working; it needs an uninterruptable power supply
Very impressed. It’s inexpensive. Email notifications advising power failure and reconnection are free. I read a zero as an ‘O’ when entering the ID so needed help from their WhatsApp helpline. Promptly replied to on a Sunday morning and very helpful. I have the unit plugged into my fridge and freezer circuit whilst we are on holiday abroad and the neighbour has a key if the fuse relays need resetting. I’m really impressed with this small, tidy piece of kit and the support that’s available. Genuine peace of mind!

Chief Insp Clouseua

Excellent service
I had a little bit of an issue so I contacted the company who quickly came back and did a life chat over chat over WhatsApp. Quickly sorted issue and a great device. Highly recommended.

Barbara B.

How far your Wi-Fi signal reaches!
Having looked for a device which would let me know if our garage had power failure I opted for the USBy device, which relies on a WiFi signal to send an email notification there is a power outage, whereas other devices emitted an alarm. I am not disappointed by this device, it is easy to setup, although I could not complete the setup steps as my laptop powered down and I had to recharge, I contacted the support team at Controllocasa who gave me instructions to complete, since that time I have received notifications that my internet has been down, which quite often happens in my area. NOTE: ensure you are able to take note of your Wi-Fi device from your internet connection list, but more importantly your Device ID during setup. This gives me piece of mind for my freezer in the garage.