USBy … the device that alerts you when there is a power failure

USBy is an innovative patented device to warn when the electric current fails and when it is restored, also reporting the total black- out. The alerts arrive via email directly on your mobile phone, managed by our Cloud Server.
So even if your WiFi router turns off due to a power failure, the reception of the alarms is guaranteed

In addition, USBy also allows you to remotely monitor the ambient temperature
Measurements are made through a high-precision sensor every 30 minutes

USBy … a BIG saving compared to traditional solutions, because it does NOT need GSM devices, nor SIM cards or UPS
A stable Internet line is sufficient

Essential to be notified in the event of a power failure for refrigerators, freezers, medical devices, aquariums, irrigation systems, hydraulic pumps … and much more

Technical Data

  • WiFi Protocols : 802.11b,g,n (STA mode); 802.11b, g (Access Point mode)
  • WiFi Frequency : 2.4 GHz
  • Power : 5V
  • Operating temperature: -20 ; 80 °C
  • Weight : 15g
  • Dimensions : 56mm x 23mm x 22mm
  • Made in Italy
  • Assistance and warranty provided directly by the Manufacturer ControlloCasa Srl

Price : 41,90 Euro (including shipping in Europe)

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